A really hot workplace

This is my workplace in Khon Kaen, Thailand.

A Microsoft Surface Pro4, a WD Elements 1TB hard disc, an iPhone 6S Plus, a Mophie Powerstation for blackouts, and the most important device, a Hatari fan supporting the Surface Pro4 which alone isn’t able to carry away the thermal output.

Like every technical product the Pro4 has its pros and cons. The energy management isn’t what I would expect from a high-priced device. Optimization (like Apple did it with its macOS on a Macbook Air) isn’t Microsoft’s strength.

Sadly there is another annoying lack. Neither the Type cover nor the onscreen keyboard sports a BREAK key although it’s needed when debugging code. Shame on Microsoft.

Btw, the iPhone even works up to 40º Celsius without the notification “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it”.

You might ask “Why don’t you install an air conditioning?”.

Well I have an AC but I don’t use it because the solar panels aren’t delivered yet. I’m quite sure that the Chinese Future Green Technology Co delivers the panels before Microsoft updates its Windows 10 energy management.

Thanks for reading.