Good Vibrations

Haptic feedback provides a tactile response, such as a tap, that draws attention and reinforces both actions and events.
While some people dislike haptics, the vibrations give you a strong acknowledgement that your touch has registered so you don’t have to tap twice.

Developers can use feedback generators to add their own feedback to custom views and controls.

Notes …

The most common vibration motor found in the modern day smartphone is what is known as an Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM) vibration motor, an unbalanced mass on the driveshaft of an electric motor.

Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA) is a new type of vibrator unit which has recently been adopted into smartphones. It uses a completely different mechanism compared to ERM. A spring keeps a central mass under slight tension. There is a neodymium magnet attached to the mass that sits in a voice coil, which controls the oscillation of the magnet through electromagnetic signals. The general shape is similar to that of a small button cell.

Both ERM and LRA vibrators convert electricity into kinetic energy via electromagnetism. LRA has a few advantages over ERM: it uses less energy when vibrating and has a lower latency between turning on and actually producing a vibration.

But …

Good Vibrations by CA’s Beach Boys

are much better than everything a sophisticated taptic engine ever can generate.

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