About Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts are designed to abbreviate tasks.

I don’t know who exactly pressed these keys at Microsoft. What I know is that such people are usually high-paid but not responsible for their decisions.

Ctrl + Waste + Your Time
Ctrl + Waste + Your Money
Ctrl + Waste + Your Ambitions
Ctrl + Waste + Your Reputation
Ctrl + Waste + Your Developers

This is my very personal opinion about Microsoft’s strategy regarding smart phones and it’s supported by many others.

“While the app gap has always been a problem, Windows Phone is now five years old and it’s still facing new challenges. Over the past year developers haven’t flocked to Microsoft’s platform to improve its app situation. Instead, more and more high-profile apps have actually disappeared. Mint’s removal this week is the latest, angering Windows Phone fans, but it’s not the first, nor will it be the last.

American Airlines, Chase Bank, Bank of America, NBC, Pinterest, and Kabam have all discontinued their Windows Phone apps in the past year. These huge apps have simply disappeared or will no longer be updated. Some companies have cited a lack of Windows Phone users, and others have remained silent, but each removal has put Microsoft another step behind in the mobile race.

It’s not just third-party apps disappearing, either. Microsoft has removed several MSN apps and its popular Photosynth app, and the software maker has also killed off a number of special Lumia camera apps. Windows Phone users still don’t have great Skype or Office apps like Microsoft produces for the iPhone. It’s stunning that, after five years, the best experience of using Skype or Office on a phone isn’t on one powered by Windows.”


Windows Store Challenges

Finally …

Ctrl + Alt + Del

but it’s not yet clear how many restarts are needed to let Microsoft get back on the track and to stop using customers as guinea pigs.

Thanks for reading.