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Apple is rumored to build a car (or more likely to develop car technology, eg autonomous driving). Google already tested autonomous driving with the ugliest looking car I’ve ever seen.  

So, what’s going on in the USA?

Are Apple and Google on the way to change the way we move from A to B?

California might be the epicenter of e-technology but southern Germany is still the heart of c-technology with Daimler Benz, Porsche, Audi, and BMW as the most prominent companies with excellent engineers, a worldwide infrastructure, an excellent reputation, decades of experience, and a significant position in the fastest growing market, China.

It needs much more than just some innovative ideas to bring a car successfully on the road.

No chance for newcomers to overtake established car manufacturers with experiences made in more than a century. 
Country-specific regulations, complex supply chains, sophisticated production engineering, crash testing, spare parts supply over decades, widespread sales and maintenance networks etc will make it a quite expensive adventure to get out of a minor role in the market of 4-wheel mobiles. History shows us that all attempts ended in a niche or a financial disaster. 

Whatever Apple’s R&D creates, who will be the partner to let the ideas move on the roads?

Some facts …

About the technolgy

Audi piloted driving

An opinion I totally agree with …

No Apple Car Any Time Soon

Thanks for reading and please keep in mind …

Think before you drive.
Don’t use your iThing in 4-wheel mobiles.