iPhone, the most influential gadget

According to the TIME  (May 3, 2016) it’s Apple’s iPhone.

With the iPhone SE Apple released its 13th model and it seems to be a beast amongst all other family members.

Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything. It’s very fortunate if you can work on just one of these in your career. Apple’s been very fortunate in that it’s introduced a few of these.

(Steve Jobs)

It’s not only the hardware which makes a device successful. The environment is an essential part of product acceptance and success. It’s the All-In-One idea with the one and only key to open the doors, the Apple ID.
Think of it like this …

You order the latest Porsche 911 GT 3, for sure the company’s flagship. It’s delivered to a place about 250 miles south-west of India. I’m talking about one of the 1192 islands of the Republic of the Maldives. Your GT 3 is powered by a 475 hp engine and runs about 195 mph. Unfortunately the island is just about 500 ft in diameter and so I’m sure you won’t need one of the implemented airbags, the anti-skid breaking system, or any other innovative feature.

It’s the environment, the ecosystem, which makes the iPhone as powerful as it is seen today pulling millions of people into it and helping businesses to communicate securely with the most advanced OS in the market. Beside the internet (strange, but true, not provided by Apple) it’s the App Store, iTunes, iCloud, and more wherein an iPhone feels well and with it its customers.

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