It’s always up to personal preferences not specs. Maybe you don’t like iThings like the iPhone or iPad but millions of others do and they do it for good reasons.

I personally like the

1 durability

2 performance

3 support (if it’s needed which is rarely the case)

4 simplicity, because customization isn’t needed if the most relevant features already work (nearly) perfectly together without user actions 

5  continuity when using a tablet, a computer, and a smartphone 

6 top design of all product families 

7 innovative approaches to techniques like fingerprint scanning, payment systems, and others 

and the outstanding business philosophy of Apple. Here are just some examples:

1 taking care of the environment

Environmental initiatives

2 being committed to inclusion and diversity


3 taking care of the supply chain

Supplier responsibility

4 taking care of the privacy of its customers


5 being the leading developer for mobiles in enterprises in partnership with IBM’s Mobile First for iOS and CISCO

Apple – IBM (1)


Apple – IBM (2)

6 being innovative

About innovation

This all and more can be summarized in a SWOT analysis. 

Thanks for reading.