The Clipboard in iOS 10

Upcoming new mobiles might be amazing devices but they just remain eye-catchers without improving the kernel of a device, the operating system.

Smartphone operating systems use a One-Window technique which makes some tasks quite painful.

One of the most powerful features of operating systems is the CLIPBOARD. Used intensively but never updated.

No Cupertino-based software engineer can give me a good reason why it shouldn’t be placed at the top of a priority list for future updates.

Additional apps are not what I’m looking for, it must be an integrated part of iOS, seamlessly and always available, regardless of which app you are working with.

If you use your device for more advanced tasks it’s a daily and painful procedure to always switch between apps for extracting content via the clipboard and insert it in a destination document.

So here is my suggestion and I think that developers don’t even have to adapt their apps to make use of this -disrupting technology- benefit.

If you agree, my urgent request is to ‘spam’ this considerable proposal into Apple’s Feedback Form. It’s available here

Apple Feedback Site

You will immediately get this response:

“Thank you for your feedback on the iThing.

We cannot respond to you personally, but please know that your message has been received and will be reviewed by the iPad Team. If we need to follow up with you on your ideas for improving the iPad, we will contact you directly. We appreciate your assistance in making the iThing great.

iThing Team, Apple”

and maybe the time will come, hopefully long before I go off the stage.

Thanks for stopping by.