Do you feel the ecstasy in his eyes?

This is what followed the ecstatic monkey dance of Steve Ballmer. Developers, developers, developers returning to reality.

Although the idea is fascinating …

Asingle OS for all form factors and one drug for all diseases seem to have something in common.

It just doesn’t work, sadly.

It is no secret that Microsoft’s mobile ambitions have one persistent and seemingly inescapable chink in its ever morphing armor: the app gap.

It seems that virtually every review of a great Microsoft product or even glowing blog posts about the benefits and progress of Windows 10, ends with an obligatory reminder that in comparison to iOS and Android, there is a substantial app deficit in the Windows ecosystem. The issue is so profound that not only are critics of the platform trumpeting this message, but Windows enthusiasts have also begun to bend under the weight of the truth of the matter.”

Source …

Windows and the App Gap

Thanks for being sympathetic.