If you’re about to take the leap of faith, switching from one of the 18,796 unique Android based fragmented devices (stats below) to the hightech and sleek-looking iPhone just wait until iOS 9 is out.

There will be an app for that.


There are so many Android devices out there that it’s likely that finding the right one already gave you a headache. A great number of Android powered fragmented devices are cheaper, and have nearly no limitations to personalization and data exploitation. However, there are certain challenges that some might face when making the switch to iOS. Additionally the method of carrying out a task on one device might be different from another device.  

Humans like to go the primrose path, right?

Personalization of your mobile device is great. So style yourself, be creative, engage in social projects, and more but don’t waste your time with customizing your device, e.g. finding out a way to automatically change the wallpaper every full hour.

So here is what you need to get back to basics and focus on what really matters:

A just working iOS-powered device running iOS 9 designed by Apple in California, the epicenter of design, revenues, profitability, and innovation.

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This post was written by an open-minded user of Apple’s mobile devices. So please do not stone me to social media death. Just take it as one of many opinions with a dash of irony. TIA.

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