An appeal for Help


Leaving Business As Usual

We believe that

technology has the power to transform the classroom.

It can pave new ways of thinking. New ways of sparking ideas.

Yet the foundation never changes:

A dedication to learning that’s always been part of our DNA.

We’ve been proud to work alongside educators and students to reinvent what it means to teach and learn. And together we’re doing things we never thought possible.


Sad to say that a statement like this puts lipstick on the pig when looking at poor countries, aka Third World countries.

Btw, did I miss something? I thought there is just one world for all of us.

please try to find out an innovative way to support Africa, India, and other regions of our world with an unlimited-volume boxed set. There are excellent educational apps in your store waiting for intellectually curious children. The biggest company in the world has its responsibilities not only for keeping our planet green. You minimized your carbon footprint but the atmosphere is just one part of our ecosystem. There are humans as well. 

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

Don’t misunderstand me.
It’s not that Apple just looks on a clear ROI.

The company supports a lot of projects

Apple Steps Up Giving

takes a close view on its carbon footprint

The Hidden Price

and is committed to inclusion and diversity

Apple about Diversity

It’s that help and engagement is needed in other parts of the world, not primarily in industrial countries.

My suggestion:

A simple and robust version of the iPad, waterproof, dust and heat resistant, with a solar powered charger, and pre-installed country-specific educational apps.

Thanks for paying attention.