Doomed to fail

It already started some years ago and today the company suffers from late sequelae of the Monkey Boy Dance of its former CEO.

It is an abstract and quite fascinating idea to bring it all together in Windows 10 but it never went along with a feeling of well-being. The jack of all trades device remains a dream.

In my humble opinion Microsoft’s strategy is a further step in losing an important battle.

I earned my living with Windows-based devices for decades. One year before I start out to be a retiree it’s sad to see that another attempt of an admirable company is doomed to fail. Customers want competition but the guys in Redmond stick to their wrong concept. Microsoft isn’t a sure-fire success. Mr Ballmer left behind the Blue Screen of Death, an awesome Monkey Boy Dance (aka Steve-Ballmer-On-Drugs performance) as well as lots of doubtful chances. 


What next Mr Nadella?

The “Live healthier and be more productive” campaign for Microsoft Band lets us hopefully see Windows 10, Excel, and Word running on the Band soon. 

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