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29 08 2015

German car manufacturers don’t want Google or Apple to build up the future of 4-wheel mobility up to their own preferences.

Apple is rumored to build a car (or more likely to develop car technology for autonomous driving). Google already tested autonomous driving with the ugliest looking car I’ve ever seen.  
Germany is still the epicenter of car technology and all leading manufacturers are ready for the start of production of nice-looking cars to seamlessly bring you from A to B. 

It needs more than just some innovative ideas to bring a car successfully on the road. No chance for newcomers to overtake established car manufacturers with experiences made in more than a century. 


Country-specific regulations, complex supply chains, sophisticated production engineering, crash testing, spare parts supply over decades, widespread sales and maintenance networks etc will make it a quite expensive adventure to get out of a minor role in the market of 4-wheel mobiles. History shows us that all attempts ended in a niche or a financial disaster. Cobbler, stick to your trade!

So if you’ve got your eye on a new Audi, BMW, Mercedes, VW, or the ultimate 4-wheel device (a Porsche), go ahead and pull the trigger. You won’t see an iCar or an aCar within the next decades. It’s like waiting for Samuel Beckett’s Godot.


About the technology

Audi piloted driving

It’s not likely

Money talks

Think before you drive.

Don’t use your iThing in 4-wheel mobiles.

Mailing fails over WiFi

28 08 2015

Given that all settings of your mail accounts are correct it might happen that your iOS device cannot receive or send mails although it connects successfully to the Internet.

I experienced this issue today on my iPhone 4S running on iOS 8.4.1 although this update was already installed weeks ago.
The following steps solved the problem but I cannot exclude that it will return.

1 Go to

Settings – Privacy – Location Services – System Services

and deactivate Wi-Fi Networking.

Go to 

Settings – General – Reset

and tap on Reset Network Settings.

Mailing should work properly now. For me it worked also after re-activating Wi-Fi Networking. Strange, isn’t it?

Notes …

Wi-Fi Networking …

If Location Services is on, your device will periodically send the geo-tagged locations of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers in an anonymous and encrypted form to Apple to augment Apple’s crowd-sourced database of Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower locations.

Reset Network Settings …

Maybe the problem already can be fixed with just turning off Wi-Fi Networking. If not you must reset the network settings which means that credentials to join networks are deleted from your device’s memory. Onetime you must manually choose a Wi-Fi network and enter the credentials.

Dear Apple devs

it’s annoying to be faced with Wi-Fi issues since years. I hope we will see a *final fix* in iOS 9. If not I will ask Siri to stop working for you. She already told me “OK, maybe not.”. It’s antediluvian to periodically refill an iThing with fresh settings.

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An appeal for Help

27 08 2015


Leaving Business As Usual

We believe that

technology has the power to transform the classroom.

It can pave new ways of thinking. New ways of sparking ideas.

Yet the foundation never changes:

A dedication to learning that’s always been part of our DNA.

We’ve been proud to work alongside educators and students to reinvent what it means to teach and learn. And together we’re doing things we never thought possible.


Sad to say that a statement like this puts lipstick on the pig when looking at poor countries, aka Third World countries.

Btw, did I miss something? I thought there is just one world for all of us.

please try to find out an innovative way to support Africa, India, and other regions of our world with an unlimited-volume boxed set. There are excellent educational apps in your store waiting for intellectually curious children. The biggest company in the world has its responsibilities not only for keeping our planet green. You minimized your carbon footprint but the atmosphere is just one part of our ecosystem. There are humans as well. 

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

Don’t misunderstand me.
It’s not that Apple just looks on a clear ROI.

The company supports a lot of projects

Apple Steps Up Giving

takes a close view on its carbon footprint

The Hidden Price

and is committed to inclusion and diversity

Apple about Diversity

It’s that help and engagement is needed in other parts of the world, not primarily in industrial countries.

My suggestion:

A simple and robust version of the iPad, waterproof, dust and heat resistant, with a solar powered charger, and pre-installed country-specific educational apps.

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An Anniversary

24 08 2015

On August 24, 2011, Timothy Donald “Tim” Cook became CEO of Apple, Silicon Valley’s epicenter of sales revenue and profitability. Unsurprisingly Tim was born in Mobile, Alabama, USA. 

After Steve Jobs passed away some media predicted the downfall of Apple. Contrary to expectations Tim boosted Apple’s business. Today we can say that a tech visionary passed away and a business visionary took control and implemented a new kind of openness and delegated authority. 

More …

Tim Cook

Tim, keep on refining the company’s DNA.

Doomed to fail

21 08 2015

It already started some years ago and today the company suffers from late sequelae of the Monkey Boy Dance of its former CEO.

It is an abstract and quite fascinating idea to bring it all together in Windows 10 but it never went along with a feeling of well-being. The jack of all trades device remains a dream.

In my humble opinion Microsoft’s strategy is a further step in losing an important battle.

I earned my living with Windows-based devices for decades. One year before I start out to be a retiree it’s sad to see that another attempt of an admirable company is doomed to fail. Customers want competition but the guys in Redmond stick to their wrong concept. Microsoft isn’t a sure-fire success. Mr Ballmer left behind the Blue Screen of Death, an awesome Monkey Boy Dance (aka Steve-Ballmer-On-Drugs performance) as well as lots of doubtful chances. 


What next Mr Nadella?

The “Live healthier and be more productive” campaign for Microsoft Band lets us hopefully see Windows 10, Excel, and Word running on the Band soon. 

The whole story …

Laying smartphone ambitions to rest

More about serious incidents …

Ballmer’s Monkey Boy Dance

Ballmer laughing at iPhone

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20 08 2015

Steve Jobs was into Porsche. Folklore tells how Steve wanted the first Mac to look like the Porsche 928 he was driving. There is also the legend of how Steve gave examples of his favorite Porsche Design watch away to those he thought could recognize good design when they saw it.

The love of Steve Jobs for German cars and motorcycles is well known. In the lobby of the building Bandley 3 in Cupertino, where he managed the Macintosh team, Steve had installed a BMW motorcycle. It should be an inspiration for his designers. 

In 1985 Steve gave the keys of a Porsche 944 to the winner of the promotion campaign ‘Test Drive’ (sales contest for the Mac) while 4 years earlier sponsored a Kremer Porsche 935 K3 participating in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, managed by the American Dick Barbour Racing Team, and driven by Bobby Rahal, Allan Moffat, and Bob Garretson.

Unfortunately they retired after 11h with a melted piston. Later that year the iPorsche had its big moment when finishing first at the Daytona 24 Hours.

Dick Barbour Racing has been a magnet for some of the world’s best and most popular drivers including Brian Redman, Rolf Stommelen, John Fitzpatrick, Paul Newman, Rick Mears and Johnny Rutherford. Foremost Dick Barbour’s long lists of accomplishments are his team’s 3 consecutive overall or class wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and 12 Hours of Sebring.

The Porsche 935 K3 was third in a line of 935 variants developed by Kremer Racing, the Kremer 3 (K3) had a twin-turbocharged, 3.2 litre flat six motor producing about 800hp. But power alone would not be enough to battle the factory built 935’s so Kremer Racing focused on shedding weight. They replaced the factory fitted air-to-water intercooler with an air-to-air intercooler, replaced body panels with light weight composites, and made over 100 other upgrades. All these changes are thought to have only given a 1% performance increase over their factory built counterparts but thats all that was needed. 

This reminds me of the hard work Apple engineers had with the weight-reduced iPad Air. It’s just a spec but it’s so much work to get it lighter and with it achieve a significant increase in usability.

About some similarities between Steve Jobs and Ferdinand Porsche …

Going Apple

About a lucky man

iOS in the Car

The Apple Car

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A car of your dreams?

16 08 2015

It needs more than just some innovative ideas to bring a car successfully to the market.

So if you’ve got your eye on a new Mustang or Model S, go ahead and pull the trigger.

(Chris Ziegler, The Verge)


The whole story

The Verge about a rumored Apple car

I’m also not sure about it

The Apple car

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