20 Years Later

an opinion which came up in the Stone Age of Mobiles must be revised.

The New York Times Sep 17, 1995 …

The Newton, Apple’s hand-held computer, is on the brink of a second life, and industry analysts who have seen prototypes say the new version comes significantly closer to meeting its original promise than the first model, which was widely derided as John Sculley’s folly.


At a closed meeting for about 400 software developers in San Francisco early this month, Apple Computer Inc. introduced new Newton software. People close to the company said the new operating system, called the Newton OS 2.0, will go on sale in November.

People who have used the new Newton say it does a better job of recognizing handwritten input, exchanges data with desktop computers more efficiently and has an improved user interface. But the personal digital assistant or P.D.A.,

is still a technology in search of a market.

“In the long run there is no doubt people will carry around small computers much like pagers today,”

said Amy Wohl, president of Wohl Associates Consulting Group.

“But it’s still not clear that Apple will be one of the major providers of these systems.”

Credits …

As always, Apple is responsible for the track record but we should also give credits to Microsoft. Companies always stimulate each other to innovate. That means:

Something original and more effective and, as a consequence, new, that “breaks into” the market or society and initiates a significant impact.

There is no doubt that the iPad was not only a shining example for innovation but also for disruptive technology.

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