Happy Birthday iPad

A shining example for disruptive technology.

I’m talking about the iPad launched on April 3, 2010 designed by Apple in California and assembled by Foxconn in China.

It’s easy to forget that people once marveled at the interactive tablets carried around by characters in Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek, or the touch screens in Spielberg’s Minority Report – dream futures that have become reality. In 1983 Apple co-founder Steve Jobs stated that his ultimate ambition was

to put an incredibly great computer in a book that you can carry around with you and learn how to use in 20 minutes…

That vision would take him 27 years to realize and after the first launch even orangutans in the Smithsonian National Zoo have worked out how to use this new category of portable devices and part of the e-loot of many human beings.


Apple’s way through all areas of life started in 2007 with the iPhone and got a significant improvement with the release of the iPad in 2010. This all was made possible by a large number of excellent scientists and engineers who developed the touch screen which today serves as a basis for a new style of connecting people with each other and more.

The iPad became a transformative tool in education as it can house all resources (books, readings, video, audio), connects to the internet for doing research, provides a vehicle for maintaining communication, replaces ‘dead tree’ paper versions of resources and does it all in an easy to carry around, quick starting, and simple interface.

The triumphal march of the tablet through people of all ages is because a touchscreen is much nearer to human activities than any other device or textbook can be. 

What we do is mostly what we do with our hands.

It’s our first approach to new things. Creating artworks, modeling new devices or writing down all the ideas leading to the E=m c c equation on a sheet of paper while walking through the room and reflecting our thoughts is almost always done by hand.

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