More than dissensions

If I look back on 2 years of social networking, Androids and others often attacked me without any good reason. This let me quit my job as a moderator in an Apple related community and let me stop replying to any comments made by trolls or others. If they appear in my profile stream or in the comment section of my community posts, I simply delete them and block the guys who definitely show personality traits that fall in the so-called Dark Triad.


The worrisome result of scientific researches about fanboyism is described in an article of Chris Mooney on SLATE com. You will find the results in my blogpost Fanboyism.

Even though a G+ membership is free, you sometimes have to pay a price for holding an opinion regarding mobile devices, admiring Apple and its leaders, and publishing all this on the internet. And sometimes it’s a heavy price if you are a German and faced with more than 90 year old resentments, even if you are born after the end of the NAZI terror regime.

But …

there are no evil forces standing behind my profile picture.

It’s just me, an open-minded old man, engaged in social networking and sometimes telling others his very personal and subjective opinion.

What’s wrong with that?

With my engagement here on G+ I just want to connect to people all over the world regardless of color, religion, age, sex, and political orientation as long as etiquettes are maintained.

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I had a dream

Thanks to all of you for reading, staying cool, being open-minded, and following some principles of respectful interaction between humans.