March 9, 2015

An Apple event without highlights except the re-engineered MacBook.

My summary of the event regarding the new mobile family member, aka Apple Watch:

Desperate efforts to convince people that they need a smart watch.

My daughter son (I don’t have a daughter) forgot his key, called me on my Apple Watch and I opened the garage door for him via my brand new iThing. That’s what we learned this evening. I hope that my garage door will never be opened by John Doe or Mr. A.N. Onymus. 

Maybe I’m too old to see the benefits of this or other features. The reason can be that I’m not a stressed CEO who isn’t able to personally organize the relevant daily stream of bits.

By the way, the Microsoft Band is a suitable and cheap way to prepare for the next half-marathon in Africa.

More about the watch from an Apple fan who sometimes is Thinking differently.

To understand all this I recommend to have a look into the Apple Live Event Mar 9, 2015.

Thanks for now.