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Tim Cook visited Germany and met Chancellor Angela Merkel during his Berlin visit to talk about security and privacy.

He also visited the city of Gersthofen near Augsburg where the glass for Apple’s new Campus 2 (Cupertino’s Spaceship, inspired by Steve Jobs) is produced by the German specialist SEELE. SEELE already delivered elements for the 5th Avenue New York Apple Store and many other stores in the USA, UK, China, and Germany.

Near to SEELE the Josef Gartner GmbH combines the glass with the metal frames and then ships it to Cupertino.

Germany is the mother of all mobile transportation prominently influenced by Karl Friedrich Benz, Gottlieb Daimler, and Ferdinand Porsche.

Is Apple really working on a car?

Some publishing media predict this.

Did Tim also visit Porsche’s HQ in Stuttgart in a secret mission?

Well, I don’t know it but he should go there because both companies and their early leaders have many things in common, the business strategy and some kind of DNA which is exemplary for a tremendous brand loyalty.

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