Outing your brain

The really new approach Apple’s innovators brought to the world in 2010 was a computer-like device that allows working solely with your fingers without any further equipment. No cables, no mouse. All you need is already built in the operating system, the keyboard and the screen, and the device’s technique, the touchscreen.

Regarding smartphones and tablets we see uncountable rumors, new accessories, apps (not really doing for what they are intended for), and lots of notifications hitting our brain and passing through without any benefit. That’s what I call the ‘Daily Bit Radiation‘ and you will see that by-passing it will improve your personality drastically.

It’s time to just USE this small but powerful devices with sophisticated apps for improving personality and knowledge anytime, anywhere without any additional hardware components.

All the benefits of these little mobile helpers come up when you

  • reboot your brain
  • turn off notifications
  • open an app with which you can seamlessly capture what’s going on in your brain.

Your brain is already well-organized but what humans need are images with connections to their thoughts. We need images of an atom, of waves, of a brain to better understand it’s properties and behavior.

An improved image is a mind map because it’s not static.

Expand topics you are actually interested in and collapse others to get a stronger focus.

I talk about a mind mapping tool for rearranging many of your random thoughts. It’s so easy to use just your fingers, your brain, and a mobile device independent of your current location and all the cables connecting you with the outer world and it’s enormous amount of ‘Bit Radiation’.

One could argue that there is no need to use a device to think about a topic. That’s basically right. A pen and a sheet of paper would be enough.
But a tablet has some benefits compared to the more old-fashioned way to carve your thoughts into a stone. You easily can use your saved thoughts to come back and revamp all of them. Simply delete obsolete points, rearrange others, and connect some of your thoughts you didn’t see a connection before.

What makes a tablet as revolutionary as it is?

It’s because a touchscreen is much nearer to human activities than any other device or textbook could be. What we do is mostly what we do with our hands. It’s our first approach to new things. Creating artworks, modeling new devices or simply writing down ideas on a sheet of paper while walking through the room and reflecting our thoughts is almost always done by hand.

1 Install …

iThoughtsHD was first released in 2010 together with the initial release of the iPad. The developer, Craig Scott (UK), focussed on a clean user interface with appropriate functionalities for mind mapping. Further benefits are

  • Many supported file formats
  • Import of lists into the map
  • Add doodles, photos, comments, and links
  • Use colors to emphasize some points and set others in the background

The app itself can be used intuitively.
Here is a full feature description of iThoughts HD for the iPad.


You may download this mind map here from my Box account

Application File format
iThoughts ITMZ
MindManager MMAP

If you don’t use a mind mapping tool at the time download this PDF with all details of the map:

Features of iThoughts HD for the iPad

2 Create …

Make yourself comfortable with a cup of coffee or tea. But please, no alcohol. Your brain and even your iPad will not deliver useful results except you are in line with geniuses like Truman Capote. Follow William Shakespeare who teached us in his great work Macbeth:

“It provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance.”

If you are still reading up to this point you might ask:

What can be my topic?

You must not take care of the special functions or the little artwork you can add to maps to organize your thoughts. Do it later.

Regarding the first question I cannot make a suggestion because I cannot know what’s important for your life. But a topic we are all confronted with is e.g.

What are my short-term targets?

If this is a topic for you

  • Open the app.
  • Put your topic into the center of your map.
  • Add an image to the center.
    Searching for a suitable image already makes your brain working on a higher level.
    Images make your map interesting and attracts others.
  • Expand the map by creating topics which reflect your thoughts.
  • Don’t think about organizing your thoughts at this time.
    Do it later when you are going deeper and deeper into the details.


Now retrieve targets from your brain. Do not search for an important one, just take that which actually comes up. Rearranging, setting colors, or even entering numbers as indicators for importance can be done later.

So the process of reflecting has started and it will continue more or less automatically if you are not disturbed by incoming E-Mails, Google+ notifications, phone calls, or app updates.

And do not forget:

The is no external quality control. Create what you think you should create.

Just try it out.

There is no need to list all the upcoming benefits here. You will experience them all by yourself.
Become a mind mapper and enrich your life by visualizing what’s going on in your brain.

Here is an example showing ideas and visualized with a mind map. It shows some benefits of mind mapping.


3 Share …

If you are now fascinated by mind mapping visit this great platform founded by Liam Hughes, UK. Among many other groups there is also a group named ‘Apple’ where you can find some interesting mind maps regarding Apple products, iOS features, apps and beyond.

You will find many applications of mind mapping and you will quickly see that this technique can be used in nearly all parts of your life.

Become a member of Biggerplate here

Register for free on Biggerplate

Join groups you are interested in. See what others use mind mapping for. Beautify your home with images of maps which are real artworks e.g. those of Daniel Tay, Singapore.

Diversity in Animals

Upload your mind maps and enrich this worldwide largest platform with your ideas.



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Be fascinated and start mind mapping now.

Thanks for dropping by and a big thanks to all the professionals bringing this technique well-worded to the public.