Long-Haul Flight

If you want to share multiple files or transfer them from an iOS device to an Android device you will get problems. On one hand there are the different philosophies brought into both operating systems. Apple follows a strict platform lock-in while Android is a more open platform. On the other hand it’s hard to find out an iOS app which supports sharing of multiple files and better yet complete folders in an easy-to-use way.

So our long haul flight of documents from the creator to the recipient has to bridge two different worlds (and additionally some slight variances between Apple and Android users).

Here is a solution in case you are registered user on
one of the most powerful cloud storages with 10 GB free space and an iOS client app which does the tasks described above in a perfect way.

The steps …

My example is about sharing an iWork document as well as two photos.
The folder on iDriveSync in my example is simply called SHARE.

To save the iWork document on iDriveSync you have to use the command ‘Copy to WebDAV’ from within the iWork app (here it’s Keynote, the app for creating presentations). Your iDriveSync storage can be accessed via Server Address http://dav.idrivesync.com/ and your password.

Photos can be transferred to the cloud storage directly from with the iDriveSync client by accessing images saved with Apple’s Photo app.


  • 1 Open iDriveSync.
  • 2 Tap on the icon Option and select Upload and then on Select From Gallery.
  • 3 Transfer the photos you want to share into the folder SHARE.
  • 4 Mark the files, photos and presentation.
  • 5 Share them by using E-Mail Link and enter the E-Mail address of the recipient.


The recipient will see the following website when following the link:


iDriveSync’s sharing site allows downloads of files as well as displays of slideshows.

Sharing with other iOS cloud clients …

Cloud Sharing
Google Sharing of just one file at a time
Dropbox Sharing of just one file at a time or a complete folder
SkyDrive Sharing of complete folders
Wuala Sharing of complete folders
SugarSync Sharing of multiple files
Box Sharing of multiple files

Summary …

I compared the iDriveSync client app with many other file management apps like USB Drive, Documents, FileBrowser, GoodReader, AirSharing, and more.
None of these apps allowed sharing of multiple files and none of these apps was as easy to use as iDriveSync.

iDriveSync is easy-go-use, generates plain and understandable notifications for recipients and presents a plain website with just a couple of useful controls. Box does it all in the same way with a client app designed with a perfect UI but without end-to-end encryption.

Here are the WebDAV addresses of both competitors:



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