Air Mail by HP

HP ePrint Service already was introduced in my article ‘Air Mail by Apple’.
Here are further informations about this service along with some details about the app HP Printer Control.

Here is a brief overview of the topics discussed in my series ‘Air Mail by…’ with details about HP ePrint Service.


In retrospect …

HP about it’s ePrint service …
Print anywhere, anytime, with any device
HP ePrint technology lets you print at your convenience—from across town, or across the room—using any email-capable device. Simply send your photos or documents to a web-connected printer and pick up the pages later. The process is as easy as sending an email—no software setup required.

Using HP ePrint Service …
If you are not connected to another WiFi network you even can send a print job to your printer connected to your home or office network by using the HP ePrint Service.

Sign in to HP ePrintCenter, register your printer by entering the unique printer code (supplied by HP for every printer; shown in the Web-Service-Menu of the printer’s control panel). You can then create an E-Mail address for your printer. It looks like
If you send a document to this address HP ePrint Service will send a print job to your printer at home or in the office which is assigned to this E-Mail address.

The app HP Printer Control …

Some weeks ago HP updated it’s app HP Printer Control.
Now it combines printer management, file management, and scan functionalities. So it’s like Documents + Scanner Pro (by Readdle) in one app.

Help System …

An excellent help system is not standard at the time. Many apps in Apple’s App Store even don’t offer an integrated help system or link to a web-based help system. This is not what users expect.


Scanning documents …

HP Printer Control scans documents via the scan functionality of an HP All-In-One printer and the integrated camera of your iPad or iPhone.
The device documents are scanned with often is an iPhone whereas further file management is done on an iPad. The optional syncing functionality automatically transfers documents scanned by an iPhone with the iPad.
No manual file transfer is necessary.


File management …

HP Printer Control offers local as well as cloud-based file management.
Well-known cloud providers are supported, others can be accessed via WebDAV (e.g. iDriveSync). You just have to enter alias, username, password, and the server url to access your cloud account.


Sharing files …

HP Printer Control allows sharing via iTunes, http, iCloud, and Facebook.

Share files e.g. from a Microsoft Windows PC with your iOS device by following these steps:

  • Make sure the mobile device is set up for file sharing.

    This is done by opening HP Printer Control on the mobile device and tapping on Settings.
    Tap Sharing.
    Turn on File Sharing.
    Note the URL beneath the Port setting (for example,
    To secure the Wi-Fi connection to your device, turn on Password Required and enter a user name and password.

  • Right-click the Start screen, and then select All apps at the bottom of the screen.
  • On the Apps screen, right-click Computer in the Windows System section, select Map network drive from the pop-up bar at the bottom of the screen, and then follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Type the URL found in step #5 of Set up a mobile device for file sharing.
    Note: You must type the complete URL.
  • Clear the Reconnect at login checkbox, if selected and click Finish.
    If you set up a password when you configured Wi-Fi on your mobile device, type your user name and password and click OK.

The new network drive is now available so you can copy files to and from your mobile device.

To reconnect to your device, right-click the Start screen, select All apps at the bottom of the screen, right-click Computer in the Windows System section, and then double-click the network location you created.
To transfer files and folders, use your computer to drag them from the computer to the mobile device or from the mobile device to the computer. You can find them in the Files/Documents folder on the mobile device.

You can also use HP Printer Control to upload images from your mobile device to your Facebook account. You can either enter your Facebook identification data every time you share images to Facebook, or you can set up HP Printer Control to automatically use the last Facebook account you used to log in.


Supported file formats …

HP ePrint makes it easy to send and print standard PDF, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files, text files (.txt), and JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG and GIF image files—no printing software is required.

Unfortunately file formats of Apple’s iWork suite are not supported.
You will get this message when looking into the print job history on

Thank you for using HP ePrint!
Unfortunately, the “Printed With Error” message means that one or more of your attachments failed to print. There are a number of reasons why this may have happened. The causes and some workarounds are described below.

Additionally you will get an E-Mail containing a problem description and the file name of the document which could not be printed.

This is a perfect communication between user and application.
Sad to say that this is definitely not the standard behavior of apps for iOS devices.

Addenda …

When people are evaluating mobile printing solutions, one of the options is to buy a new printer.

If you already use a printer (even if it’s not AirPrint capable) it cannot receive print jobs from your iOS device.

FingerPrint by addresses this problem.
It’s basically a simple solution running an all platforms which creates a new Bonjour service that tricks iOS clients into believing they’re talking to an AirPrint device.

The application finds your printers automatically and makes them available to your iOS devices.

Find more details in my blog

Printing from iOS devices

Summary …

It’s not really surprising that the winner is HP ePrint because this technology was developed by Apple and HP. It’s the easiest way to print documents or images from Apple’s iOS devices.
Furthermore HP offers a service with which it’s also possible to print from outside a WiFi network by using the E-Mail address of the printer.

The main disadvantage of Google Cloud Print is that there is only one iOS app supporting this technology.

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