Avoiding World War III

Shortly after Apple’s WWDC 2013 the conflict between Androids and Apples again escalated. An attack comparable to a heavy thunderstorm reached Apples. One of the impacts recognized was that the brand’s apple stalk actually points to the left side. Heavy posting in communities even let websites get overheated.


At the time both sides are far away from arguments.
German head of government Angela Merkel (59) already offered help by initiating an expropriating proceeding for Volkswagens. The cars could be used for expatriation of Androids and Apples as reported by government spokesman yesterday.

The proposal was to bring Apples to the southern and Androids to the northern hemisphere while Phoners could stay in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) near the equator. US government already agreed to this compromise as it let Apples survive in the more moderate climate of the south and get their original skin color back and give Androids the chance to possibly retire in the more cool areas of our planet.

But this is not seen as a long-term solution of the problem because the cyber war would go on.
On a UN extraordinary meeting it was decided to instruct ICANN (Internet (Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to divide http addresses into

http://wwa addresses for Apples
http://wwg addresses for Google’s Androids

and to completely divide the Internet into two non-connected parts.

There was a intensive discussion about that because both companies still have the first letter of their brand in common. Androids claimed the wwa addressing but were outvoted by the majority of Phoners who argued that Apple was the innovator. Only a minority argued that Apple initiated all the problems by forcing others to appear on the scene.

What we will see in the near future is an ongoing convergence of both parties. Apple did a first step by using a new Android-like interface and Google also will neglect the security requirements of users in the near future. So the fighting companies will be in the line of Microsoft’s long-term strategy to overtake both.

Note …
Many comments are like written from a child. No arguments just feelings. And what the heck is the motivation to praise the own product and to talk other products down although none of the users were involved in development and could say: I did the better job.

What I occasionally see behind the scene is a deeply illiberal attitude. Users have different requirements and set their focus on different topics. So they decide to purchase this or that product and do it with cars, food, or other stuff as well. Have you ever seen people fighting because of eating different food?

I thought we already left the Middle Ages and moved into the modern era where opinions are respected and people are not offended if they see more benefits for themselves when purchasing an Apple or an Android device. Some comments on that topic seem to be are childish or is it more?

Admittedly there are also funny discussions like this

the1dynasty posted on Google+

So in total I hope an expatriation of Apples and Androids is not needed.

Joke apart …

All these verbalized fights are ridiculous.
Both operating systems have their own philosophies and many pros and cons as well.

The only crucial question users have to answer for themselves is:

Does the device what I expect in a suitable environment (UI and UX) for an acceptable price?

If YES buy it. If NO don’t buy it.

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