Hastily stitched together

It’s in the line of some companies to do their app development just for being present in the market.

It seems that they never heard of indispensable user requirements.
Some apps are hastily stitched together ignoring all rules of app development beginning with the analysis of what users need.

Here are some examples:



Admittedly software is never ready but it should offer well-known basic features like sorting and an easy and fast way to get links in the device’s clipboard.

There are many single developers not powered by big companies who do their job pretty much better.

When I purchased my first iOS device I expected to get nearly finished apps for my device from the big three: Microsoft, Google, Apple.

What I found out:

Nearly perfect apps made by Apple and trials of beginners who announce a sort option as the millennium breakthrough. The way into the post PC era is definitely not realized with the speed of light.

Here is a comment of my friend Michael Wilde published on Google+.
Michael is an expert with more than 30 years experience in application development.

I have worked with well marketed apps. They look great and well organized at first use. But when one digs deeper into the app; there are sometimes basic , functions missing. I expect them to be apart of the app; push every screen and device button. The basic function just does not exist. I wouldn’t buy a used – automobile because it looked nice from the outside and had a great stereo system. The same goes for applications on any platform. Don’t be fooled by , applications that have “great stereo systems”. In other words, don’t purchase applications because they look nice and have a couple of “neat” functions. Make sure the app does exactly what you expect. Even at the basic functionality level. This article points this out very well.
The “stitched together apps” are guilty of this. Big or small, there is always always, a push to get a product on the shelf. Sometimes promises are made for needed or corrected functionality will appear in version 1.2.xx.xx. In other words, it wasn’t put together correctly the FIRST TIME.

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