Lukas rocks the bugs

Lukas Foldyna is the developer of Instashare and iStorage.

Instashare is an app for file transfer from one iOS device to another iOS device with an intuitive UI.

iStorage is an app for file management. The UI is a bit confusing and the code is buggy.

General notes …

Apps for file management should be designed as follows …

  • Different options for displaying the file like
    file list with detailed file information
    icon list
  • Split screen when it comes to file transfer from source to destination like
    Source files on the left and destination folders on the right side
  • Support for all well-known cloud providers
    as well as WebDAV and FTP access
  • Support for direct connection to PCs if both, PC and iPad, are in the same WiFi network or via VPN

The features of iStorage …

Let’s start with the apps Settings section.

There is a passcode functionality, something that other file managers have foolishly omitted.

Setting up a service is as simple as entering basic details such as username and password, and away you go.

You can connect to most of the well-known cloud based services. WebDAV and FTP connection can be established as well.


Browsing the content of folders is simple and there are options to show the files as icons, as a list with details, in context with the folder structure, or as a scrollable icon list like in Apple’s music player.


Defined connections are displayed in a single or split screen.


As you can see iStorage has a perfect looking UI but when using the app the first time the UI in some cases is hard to understand. Certain buttons cause confusion and it’s definitely not obvious what action is initiated if you tap on them. Buttons are spread across an upper and a lower taskbar. You have to use the app many times to get familiar with it and use the action icons without thinking about their meaning.

Opening a file is simple enough and the source code editor within iStorage supports many file formats such as MS Office file types, iWork and HTML. Awkwardness lies in actually doing anything more complex with the files. Many icons control what can be done with a file but there’s a certain amount of trial and error when it comes to learning what each one does.

File transfer …

Transferring files from a cloud storage to the local app folder or between two cloud storages should be used with the Split Screen option because this is the most intuitive way. Tap on Edit, select the files to transfer, drag them from right to left or vv., and drop.


Further functionalities …

For a full feature description of the developer look at Apple’s App Store

iStorage 2 HD by Lukas Foldyna

Summary …

It’s a question of time to not stumble upon confusing functionalities.

Using iStorage I observed some bugs regarding the download of files from cloud storages via pre-defined connections, WebDAV connections and FTP connections. Other bugs occurred when displaying downloaded images. In some hardly reproducible cases the app crashed and had to be restarted.

A direct connection between iPad and a PC, both in the same WiFi network, is not available.

After trying to download ZIP files via an FTP connection without success I stopped reviewing further features of the app.

These kinds of bugs are listed in the App Reviews section of the App Store since 2010!

An absolutely No-Go is the pricing. The app is in the upper price class and its not universal. You have to pay for the iPad and the iPhone version.

What about the support?

It seems to me that Lukas either is too busy or is not interested in a customer-friendly support.
Many bugs known for a longer time are not fixed yet. In many cases you get no answer if you report a bug. At the time Lukas didn’t reply to my E-Mails containing detailed descriptions of the bugs. It’s bordering on impudence when considering price, stability and support. To go a step further I would say it’s near to fraudulence.

So my overall rating is: One star.

Sorry Lukas, the ideas are good but the coding seems to be a disaster in too many cases.
So I cannot give any recommendation and with this I’m in the line of many users writing reviews.
Compared to your app Instashare which is pretty good the actual version of iStorage is a long drop down.

Update …

On 2013-04-10 an update 2.3.3 of iStorage was released with the following informations:

  • Warning
    iCloud synchronization has been removed from the application at the request of Apple and it cannot be used anymore.
  • Added support for Instashare
  • Improved application stability

All bugs I found out in the previous version still occur.

Thanks for reading my blog.
I appreciate your comments and experiences with iStorage 2.