About my blog

There is one question I have to answer regularly.
So in this small article I give the answer for all other readers.

On iNotes4You you usually will not find articles about the

Latest, Urgent, Brandnew, and Hottest news ever.

Why not?

I found many blogs (commercial and non-commercial) and other publishing media with articles passed through an enthusiastic pen but regrettably the authors did not validate what they wrote down.

Yesterday I found an example on a website (the owners say it’s independent without sponsoring) about a new app called ‘Electric Slide’.
Reportedly it’s the best app for presentations with iPad.

The app is free and so I downloaded it from Apple’s App Store to see which features brought this app to the pole position. Even my first impression was positive. After 20 minutes of checking some details which are important for using the app in real life I sent a list of three bugs with screenshots to the developer’s support. The friendly support team answered within 40 minutes and confirmed the bugs.

So from my point of view it’s not respectable to write articles with contents that cannot be validated and, in case of paid apps, force the readers to purchase.

I expect conscientious piece of work even from journalists whether they are professionals or, like me, hobby bloggers.
I know that it’s hard to daily fill the pages with interesting news.
But there is a way to inform the readers without breaking the law of trustworthiness:

Just quote what the developer announces and possibly make some annotations. Don’t rate an app you do not use yourself for getting a job done.

That’s what may be labeled with ‘Sit-On-The-Fence’ journalism.

So feel sympathetic for me, when I present some news about apps a bit later than other publishing media.
It takes time to assess an app and it’s usability in different environments and write down a sober judgement. Additionally you should know that I don’t write about apps which I didn’t use myself extensively.

Thank you for your understanding.