SIRI’s skills

SIRI is the implemented femininity of iOS devices although nobody knows how she looks like.
Did she improve her communication skills?

In the last update of SIRI’s skills Apple provided the opening of apps.
Activate SIRI and say ‘Open Settings’ and SIRI will open the device settings.

With iOS 5 Apple included a special URL scheme, for example


to enable direct access to special settings of the device via a Safari link. Some developers created a MobileConfig package that automatically adds many of these settings to your devices home screen with a self-explaining icon.

This doesn’t work with the actual iOS 6.

But with the help of SIRI it’s possible to directly access some settings.
It works via Apple’s Contacts app by defining an appropriate URL and forward the contacts name to SIRI.


There are some more settings which can be directly accessed to SIRI.
Some of them may be useful for security reasons when driving a car.

Here are some examples for keywords correctly executed by iOS 6.

Keyword opens
Bluetooth Bluetooth
CASTLE&path=STORAGE_AND_BACKUP iCloud Storage + Backup

But be careful.
The keywords are case-sensitive. If you enter ‘facetime’ instead of ‘FACETIME’ your device will execute a reset.

What you have to find out is the right name for the contact so that SIRI directly presents you the desired function without further proposals.

My proposal BLUE for opening the Bluetooth settings works well in Germany with my existing contacts.

A call on Apple …

To the decision makers of Apple:
Please allow the developers to implement commands like this:

SIRI, turn on Bluetooth.

Femininity and serving even male users can go together.

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