iWork and iThoughts

iWork is Apple’s offer to create spreadsheets (with Numbers), presentations (with Keynote), and write letters (with Pages). The components of iWork are specially developed for iOS devices, easy to use and nevertheless powerful. I see lacks in the missing connection to cloud services without WebDAV support and to network attached storages.
If you ever used these apps you will never change back to other apps which are more likely to Microsoft’s Office Suite.

There is another app which should be in the portfolio of all users working on an iPad.
It’s the mind mapping app iThoughts for iPad developed by Craig Scott, UK.
Mind mapping is a perfect way to save all the ideas you have on your device.

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In Jan 2013 iThoughts got an update with some interesting features regarding Apple’s iWork suite.

The Workaround …

This is a mind map about a recommended home configuration when using iOS devices.

You may download this mind map from Biggerplate.com, The Mind Map Library.

Apple iPhone+iPad Home Configuration


Look at the branch ‘Software – iWork – Numbers’ on the right side of the mind map. You can see a small green at the top right corner of the branch. It represents a globe and points to a website link.
Tap and Hold to open the website with the integrated browser of iThoughts.

The essential new feature of iThoughts …

You can now connect iWork documents to mind map branches to breathe life into your mind map by assigning additional detailed information to that branch.



Attached documents are stored in the mind map file in their native format.
So you can delete the source file located in the documents folder of Keynote.
You can also share the mind map. The recipient can then work on the mind map as well as on the attached iWork documents and send them back.

The marked branch contains the Keynote document icon as well as the note icon of iThoughts (left lower corner of the branch) which shows that there is additional information available. By ‘Tap and Hold’ the Keynote document can be opened to display the contents or to move over to Apple’s Keynote app to further work on it.


That’s what I call SUBTLE PROGRAMMING. Congratulations, Craig.