Curious stuff

Some curious stuff I found on iPhone, iPad, App Store and in the internet.
Even developers are human beings and therefore do cloudy things.

That wouldn’t be a problem for users if there is a well-functioning internal control system.
Let’s be sympathetically with all the developers. I know they are always flat out like a lizard drinking.

If you are a proud owner of an iPad or iPhone mark the following text, tap on Speach and listen what R. Niebuhr tells us

God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Not related to Apple’s devices …

I found this in a German forum for bikes:

My torque-limiting-wrench is only good for 100 Nm.
I have to fix the screw with 115.
Can I first fix it with 100 and after that with additional 15?

If you have to drill a hole with 8mm diameter
you can do it with one 3mm and one 5mm drill or even better, you take two 4mm drills than you must not change from 3 to 5.

Poor programming …

An application should delete following blanks. If it does not you may get a problem.


The E-Mail address was entered as a shortcut in
Settings – General – Keyboard – Shortcuts
with the phrase and the shortcut ‘aid’.
If you want to use the shortcut you have to tap on the space bar to overtake the phrase. So a blank is appended, 1Password saves it and Apple’s website informs you about wrong credentials.

This is not always the case. Some apps and websites ignore following blanks as anybody would expect. What should a blank character be for? Nobody can see it and applications therefore should ignore it at least for usernames and even for passwords.

Mostly unknown features …

A mostly unknown feature which additionally makes no real sense.
But it follows the wisdom ‘Time is money’. So if you have an appointment at 10:32 you are able to set your calendar event on your iPhone to 10:31.


Tapping and Holding …

Safari and Home Screen …


Safari’s automatic website shrinking …

Look at this curious behavior of SAFARI on an iPhone 4S. After 30 secs the website begins to shrink and no other website can be opened afterwards.
The phenomenon did not appear on an iPad and it did not appear on the iPhone when using Google Chrome or Mercury browser.

(Video recorded in Jan 2013 by iNotes4You)

Apple’s Mail app …


An accurate description …

This is a very accurate description of an iOS-App-Update in November 2012.
But there are still intensifications:
The app has changed or Nothing.
Sorry developers. This was the reason why you didn’t get the pole position.


The Pareto Principle …

The Pareto principle (also known as the 80–20 rule, the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

80-20 Rule Applies To Bugs, Not Just Features by P. Rooney, Microsoft CEO

80-20 Mind Map by Liam Hughes, UK at

If this is true Apple should change 20% of code in iOS 7 to satisfy 80% of it’s customers.

I tried several times to validate this principle by working 20% of my time in the office, drinking coffee the 80% remaining time to settle 80% of the tasks. I tell you all, I did not work.

The WiFi problem …

Royce Eddington
Sometimes my iPhone will refuse to “see” any WiFi connections.
There are some times on the iPhone when I can go to GENERAL, then SETTINGS, then RESET and then choose RESET NETWORK SETTINGS. After the iPhone reboots, sometimes the WiFi comes back. Sometimes. But when that doesn’t work, there’s one trick that always does.

I power off my iPhone. Put it in a Ziploc bag. And put the bag on the top shelf in the freezer. About an hour or two later, I take it out and let it sit at room temperature for about 20 minutes. Then power it on … and WiFi is back.

The first post …


Updated intelligence …

This new iPhone automatically adjusts to the length of a website.
Apple’s knowledge and innovation skills led to a unique new feature which prevents expanding of the device if the website’s content is bullshit. And with a new sensor technology it automatically resizes if a jacket pocket is coming closer.


The good news for iPad owners: Automatic form factor resizing up to 52″ on iPad 48.