Remote Control with iPad

There is much more sector-specific software available for computers running on Windows than on Macs.
Windows based software cannot be installed on iOS-Devices. But there are several options for using it on an iOS-Device.

You just have to connect both devices with the help of connection software which establishes a secure connection between the devices via internet.

I took a glimpse at the free app versions of these competitors:

An important criterion for fast and easy usage are the extensions to iPad’s default keyboard.




What you should expect from connection software …

  • Encryption for remote usage and file transfer
  • Support for different platforms
    (Mac, Windows, Linux, VNC + RDP Servers)
  • File transfer from and to the remote computer
  • Support for iOS dictation
  • Bluetooth keyboard support
  • A well designed keyboard for all the additional keys which are by default not available on iOS-Devices e.g. F1, Esc, Ctrl etc..
  • Optional control via Touchscreen or Mouse pointer
  • Support of combined keystrokes like or Ctrl+Alt-Del
  • Rebooting the connected computer and establishing a new connection automatically
  • Wake-On-Lan support

About the usage …
Remote-controlled working with iPad is not recommended for intense working. But it is a fast and comfortable way to control and manage tasks and to support colleagues without the need of using a laptop. It can be done from anywhere and anytime.


Auditors evaluate mainly enterprises regarding their accounting and internal auditing (risk management, corporate governance, etc.). Mostly away from the office a connection to special software products is indispensable. So iPad with its Retina display is the perfect mobile device to do the job as it more than offsets larger displays.

Summary …

The winner is TeamViewer because of

  • Zero-Configuration except fixing a password
  • Performance
  • Stability of the connection
  • Clear and customizable outline of connections
  • Overview of current connections, partners and menu for connection functionalities
  • Support for copying photos directly from the camera roll to your remote computer

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