iOS 7 is coming, dead sure!

But with a complete redesign?

Apple has spent years and money creating the familiarity that everyone has with iOS and what makes the success. Flush it down the toilet and start fresh? A no go for leading OSs. Nobody really knows how the market reacts because the requirements of customers are extremely different. iPhone and iPad may be used as gadgets or business supporting devices.
Additionally there are customers having former versions of iPad and iPhone. At least some of new implemented features should be available for older products.

If you talk about a Post PC era you need to enable the era to take place.
So on which way Apple will move forward? We all don’t know.
But we all, as customers, have a voice in the chapter.


My personal wishlist …

iCloud with client-side encryption in transit (while uploading) and at rest (while stored on Apple’s servers) Apple should give the key back to the customers

A clipboard queue
Tapping on COPY moves an item into a clipboard queue with up to 10 entries. Tapping on INSERT inserts the first item of the queue which was the last which came in. Double tapping on INSERT opens the queue for selecting a specific item.


Public folder
A public folder with creatable subfolders where every app may save (e.g. iWork apps) or open (e.g. the mail app) documents


Support for direct access to network attached storages (e.g. access to HDDs attached to routers)

Bluetooth support

At the time iOS 6 does not support Bluetooth except for Personal Hotspot and connected accessories like headsets, keyboards etc..
My suggestion …
File transfer between two iOS devices via Bluetooth as a standard feature


Unlimited number and type of attachments with access to the new public folder

Ability to copy an event
Activation of the swipe-right gesture for deleting entries

Ability to individually set the order of entries

Keys to navigate from character to character and from word to word.


Ability to individually set some recently used functions

Answer or dismiss iMessages from the lock screen

App Icons
App Icons anywhere on the home screens grid

Thumb gesture app switcher
iPhone/Touch specific multi-touch gestures that work on the smaller screen. e.g. swipe to open the task bar app switcher

Local Siri Commands
Dial a number via SIRI without an internet connection
Open the task bar with one short word
Words for enabling (when disabled) or disabling (when enabled) BT, WiFi, DND)
Customizable words for commands (like shortcuts for writing)

Additional ‘Do Not Disturb’ sets
The time I don’t want to be disturbed is not the same on the weekend as it might be during the week so there should be an ADD button to set specific times for specific days like in Clock – Alarm

Slide to delete individual notifications in the Notification Center
Resized Notification Center for iPad
Borrowing from Android I would like to see a different notification center on the lock screen by swiping down with two fingers. One that has toggles for BT, WiFi, Do Not Disturb and the volume of sounds.
A notification light in the home button additionally to the flashing LEDs for alerts
Ability to turn off notifications during phone calls

Ability to delete native apps
I have never used the native stocks, weather, compass, or newsstand app so why can’t I delete it? I understand the core apps like Phone, Calendar, Messages, Safari will have to stay for the basic use of the phone. If grandma’s stock or weather app was deleted I don’t think she would miss it.

Home Screen
Placing of app Icons anywhere on the home screen grid

Task Bar
Deleting all apps from the task bar with one gesture

The clash of the titans …

It will be exciting to see what comes up on Apple’s side to slow down the ongoing improvement activities of Google.
Isn’t a blessing watching this kind of hand-to-hand combat instead of all the other quarreling in the world?

I appreciate your comments with additional ideas.