The Bit Radiation

My personal message to all the awesome readers of my blog …

I don’t blog about the hottest news like

  • A new iOS will be released on June 29, 2057, iPhones 50th birthday
  • iPad 48S WiFi gets the Multi-Media Tech Award from South-Korean Government
  • Apple’s iPad cover now available in XXXL with your Apple ID engraved
  • Will iPad 9 have a nuclear reactor replacing the old-fashioned battery?

You can read all this in thousands upon thousands of articles around the world published by media companies or in forums. So why should I post it here on iNotes4You again?

I started blogging about three months ago. As a newbie to blogging as well as social networks I subscribed, and subscribed, and subscribed, … for learning and seeing what others do. What I learned was once you click on SUBSCRIBE you will not miss any dispensable announcement about Apple and other stuff for the rest of your life and beyond. This ‘Bit Radiation’ is much stronger than any other radiation, nuclear or solar, ever discovered as you are no doubt aware.

I don’t want my readers to hold me liable for any physical deficiency so I don’t blog about these hot announcements and other brand new stuff like that. If I would always think about the follow up of my current iPhone, what would it think about me? But I don’t. That’s why my devices work without errors and others quit their service and provoke decommissioning.

So take care of the daily bit exposure and keep it lower than your personal threshold.
Here is the How To to keep you healthy so that you can read my blogs with pleasure in the future.


The local authority provides 24/7 service / Notifications every minute no matter what option you set for ‘Do not disturb’ and no matter what the settings for Sound are.