iPad @ School

Apple released its 1st iPhone in 2007.
At this time people mainly saw it as a processor-based gadget for mobile gaming.

But the company, or should I say Steve Jobs had a vision expressed in a fascinating document, the iOS Human Interface Guidelines

Improving the precision of touch screens and resizing the form factor marked the second breakdown from a smartphone to a tablet in 2010 when Apple releases its first iPad.
Hardware is nothing without software. So part of the philosophy was to set up a platform for developers who breathe life into this machine.

What we see today is the middle ages of a new technology, not fully developed but with strong capabilities to revolutionize the readiness and willingness to learn.

To qualify the statement (quoting Andrew Douch)

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m arguing that it’s more pedagogically productive, NOT that it is more technologically capable than a laptop.

Using an iPad in classrooms is a paradigm shift from didactic models of ‘Teaching’ to constructivist models of ‘Learning’. Technology has always been good that and that’s one reason schools began investing in computers in the 70s and 80s. But the iPad brought that engagement to a very personal level.

Have you ever seen such an intensive interaction between teachers and pupils using a textbook instead of a tablet?


It’s because a touchscreen is much nearer to human activities than any other device or textbook could be. What we do is mostly what we do with our hands. It’s our first approach to new things. Creating artworks, modeling new devices or writing down all the ideas leading to the E=m c c equation on a sheet of paper while walking through the room and reflecting our thoughts is almost always done by hand.

See this video for better understanding of what I mean with learning by doing with your hands:

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Let’s see which exciting innovations will come up in this new year 2013.
Happy New Year to all of you.