Retina extreme

I swear on my honor,
these screenshots of iPad 3 are no fakes.
May God strike me dead if I’m lying.

Applications of this awesome feature …

  • Discover the resolution of iPad
  • Check your mails half a mile away from iPad
  • Beef up your iPad Mini display for a 55″ – Feeling
  • Teach your elephant, if you have one, writing and blogging on an iPad instead of blowing all his bullshit through the nose


How to do this …

Use 4 fingers and tap two times in a fast sequence one finger after another.

Professional users have already noticed what the reason is but they may not know this gesture with 4 instead of three fingers.

Beginners do not have to post a problem to any forum if this gesture doesn’t work. Just continue reading.

Go to
Settings – General – Accessibilty – Zoom
and follow the instructions there.

So its just a built in feature of iOS to zoom the display.
What you only have to adjust is the zoom factor which can be done by double tapping with three fingers, leave one finger on the display and swipe up or down.

Power users may ask me: So where is your honor gone?
OK, the screenshot is a fake. But the experience for you is exactly what you see. Taking a screenshot means always copying the whole content of your device into the camera roll no matter which zoom factor you use.

How I did it …

I made a screenshot and zoomed the image in the camera roll with the 2-Finger-Gesture and then made a new screenshot. That’s all. To insert the screenshot in an iPad case I used the app Screenshot (Neoos) from Apple’s App Store. As an alternative you can also use an image from iPad, your screenshot and layer both images e.g. in one of your iWork-Apps.

You now know why I stroked out the second sentence of my article.