Update 1.7 of iWork for iOS

On 2012-12-04 Apple’s iWork-Suite was updated to version 1.7.

This update is a major improvement of iWork for iOS without destroying the simplicity of usage. The updated features are perfectly designed and retain the simplicity of the product. From my point of view that’s an intellectual stimulus for all people developing software.

We will see how the competitor Microsoft will response.

For now, advantage Apple!

The feature changes …


Pages for iOS …

  • Use Change Tracking to track changes to body text in a document
  • Accept and reject individual changes as you review a document
  • Import Pages and Microsoft Word documents with change tracking and continue to track changes to body text
  • Preserve tracked changes in documents exported in Microsoft Word or Pages format
  • Preserve calculations in tables when importing from and exporting to Pages for Mac

Numbers for iOS …

  • Hide and unhide rows and columns
  • Import and export Numbers for Mac spreadsheets with filters, and turn filters on and off
  • Preserve rich text in tables when importing and exporting

Keynote for iOS …

  • Import and export all Microsoft PowerPoint and Keynote for Mac slide sizes
  • Import and export presentation themes, complete with master slides and preset styles
  • Play back all Keynote action builds including Move, Rotate, Scale, and Opacity
  • Add new slide transitions including Shimmer and Sparkle
  • Preserve calculations in tables when importing from and exporting to Keynote for Mac
  • New print layouts include options to print with presenter notes, with builds, and without backgrounds

Common improvements …

  • Lock and unlock objects
    For locked objects changing properties (size, position, content) cannot be changed until they are unlocked.
  • Add reflections to shapes
  • Improved compatibility with the pendants Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Some details …

Locking of objects …

On my point of view this is a great new feature, because faulty operations on touch screens cannot be avoided particulary on the small screen of an iPhone.


Objects which can be locked in …

Pages Numbers Keynote
Shape ‘Curve’ only All Objects All Objects

Improved page print layout in Keynote


Lacks in Numbers …

Locking …


SIRI and the keys …