Linking sheets in NUMBERS

If you want to link various sheets in Apple’s iWork-App NUMBERS here is an example how to do this.

You may download the sample in the native NUMBERS-Fileformat.

20121008-141900.jpg Linking sheets with NUMBERS (.numbers-Document)
Properties EN .Numbers iDrive
Alternative Download from Dropbox

The essentials in brief …

  • 1 Tap on the cell in the destination sheet you want to link with a cell in the source sheet.
  • 2 Tap on ‘=’ for creating a formula.
  • 3 Tap on the small ‘Down Arrow’ on the right side.
    The sheets come up for selection.
  • 4 Select the sheet and cell containing the source data.


Creating formulas with linked data works in the same way as in a standalone sheet.
The only difference is that you have to select the sheet (Step 2) before you refer to cells of it in your formula.