Lost WLAN-Connection

There is still something going wrong with the WLAN-Connection under iOS 6.0.1 update from 2012-11-01.

Configuration …

  • iPhone 4 S with iOS 6.0.1
  • Cellular data turned on
  • WLAN turned on
  • Apple Airport Extreme Router
  • PPPoE-Connection from APE to DSL-Provider


Symptoms …

  • iPhone 4S does not connect to WLAN
  • iPhone 4S looses WLAN-Connection and switches to Cellular Data -Connection
  • After rebooting the device it connects to WLAN or sometimes does not
  • In rare cases the device connects to WLAN after turning off and on WLAN

Solution …

  • Go to Settings… WLAN… and choose your WLAN
  • Tap the blue arrow to set up the properties
  • Set HTTP-Proxy from OFF to AUTOMATIC

Additional information …