To the limits …

NUMBERS is part of Apple’s iWork-Suite for editing spreadsheets and beyond.
I would like to discuss the possibilities of NUMBERS to analyze data on the iPad.


The workaround …

Data are exported from Microsoft Excel as a CSV-File (comma separated values), that means all data elements like account numbers, reference numbers and currency values are separated by the character ‘;’. One record contains for example the relevant details of an invoice.

The CSV-File is located on a cloud storage (iDrive) of Pro Softnet Corp., USA. iCloud is activated on iPad for programs and data. So changes in documents are automatically transferred to iCloud.

Here you can download detailed results and the CSV-File if you further want to deal with it:

20121008-141900.jpg Analyzing with NUMBERS (.PDF-Document)
for Numbers-Users… The test data (.CSV-File with 1,000 records)

The process …

  • Import of CSV-File via WebDAV-Access in NUMBERS
  • Simple analysis of data
  • Critical inquiry of the usability of NUMBERS with a large amount of data

The results …

  • Reasonable usage is given for about 1,000 records
  • Usability is limited because scroll bars are not available
  • NUMBERS crashes long before the limit (65535 records) is reached