A jazzed up checklist

If you use Apple’s app ‘Numbers‘ (the easy but still powerful equivalent to Microsoft Excel) you can use a predefined template for a checklist. It’s very simple, maybe too simple.

Here you can see a jazzed up version.
You will get a warning, if the deadline falls within a period (entered in days).

Just download the checklist for free and use it.
The NUMBERS-Document contains a short documentation.

20121008-141900.jpg Jazzed up Checklist
Properties 2012/10/26 EN .NUMBERS iDrive
Alternative Download from Dropbox


There are two tables.

  • Table 1 contains today’s date.
  • Table 2 contains your entries for deadlines, the number of days before deadline/warning and your tasks.

The document displays the number of days to deadline and a red point if today’s date and deadline are within the period.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

By the way…
The blogger is not liable if you use the checklist and miss your wedding anniversary.