Lacks of iWork

There are some lacks in Apple’s iWork-Suite.
Consider the following situation.


It is not possible to store the document directly on a USB-Stick attached to an Apple Airport-Router. That does not go together with Apple’s aspiration to ensure highly integrated connectivity.

A possible, but not convenient scenario is …

  • Select the document.
  • Select ‘Open in …’ from the menu.
  • Select an app, which can establish a connection to Airport attached storages.

These are for example …

App Developer
Files Connect Antecea
File Browser Stratospherix
GoodReader Goodiware

Another deficit of iWork is …
You cannot send more than one document via E-Mail.
Sorry, I have no simple way of doing it. Even the following scenario did not work:

  • Tap on ‘Send as E-Mail’.
  • Copy the attachment to clipboard.
  • Click on ‘Cancel’ and do not delete the draft.
  • Create a new E-Mail for another document.
  • Insert the first attachment from the clipboard.
  • This looks good, but unfortunately doesn’t work.

If somebody receives this E-Mail he won’t have access to the first attachment.


I think all of you agree with me …
There is still some work for Apple to make iPad ready for business use.