May iPad kick off PC?

Sales of PCs are decreasing, while tablets are gaining popularity.
Is Apple’s iPad a kinslayer? Definitely not … now.


Here are the reasons:

  • If you need special software (customised for your job) you will not find it in Apple’s App Store.
  • If you work with documents which are linked to each other (e.g. a table within a text document) it will not be supported by Apple’s iOS-Filesystem.
  • If you visit the site iPad in Business one might get the impression as if the work could be done with these little apps. But look at the details e.g. in Apple’s spreadsheet app ‘Numbers‘: It is not possible to protect cells with formulas and the XLS-Export is in no way compatible with Microsoft Excel! You can find deficits in nearly every app. These are the disadvantages of a very recent and thus not fully developed technology.
  • Are you an attentive user with a high quality short-term memory buffer? If not, you will have problems when working with several cloud-storages and different apps to manage downloaded files. Every time, you use the ‘Open in…’ – Command, your file will be transferred into an app-specific data-directory. Files are expected to be redundant. Where is the latest version?
  • The onscreen keyboard reduces the outline of complex documents. An external keyboard may solve the problem when editing the document. But then iPad comes closer to its remote relative.
  • There are no interfaces except the USB-Connector for charging and connecting to iTunes
  • You cannot do all your work with a small machine as your eyes and fingers won’t shrink. Believe me, there is no built-in gesture which solves the problem.
  • There is no SEARCH-Functionality in iOS which takes all data-directories into account.
  • What else? Please comment on this blog.

And here are the benefits of Apple’s iPad:

  • The awesome resolution of the Retina-Display compensates much bigger screen sizes. So the 9.7″ display is no disadvantage as long as you need not use is for longer than 2 or 3 hours. Then have a break and call your wife, your children, your girlfriend or whomever with your iPhone.
  • Easily connect to cloud-storages where ever you are and whenever you want without heavy machinery.
  • Receive mails and feeds, read the newspaper or buy something online.
  • Check documents created by your employees or colleagues via Cloud- or VPN-Connections. Make comments and send them back.
  • Help customers or colleagues using Online-Support-Tools like Team Viewer.
  • Syncing of managed data of Apple’s preinstalled apps (Contacts, Calender, Reminders, Photos, Safari-Bookmarks, …), iWork-Documents and other data.


With Apple’s iPad you should …
control, look, learn, read, surf, blog, cultivate your social contacts and show SAMSUNG users how awesome your device is.