Which Cloud-Provider fits best?

There is a rapidly increasing number of Cloud-Providers.
You have to decide who fits your requirements best.
Otherwise your data will be spread over the world and its hard to find out where they are.

I checked free accounts of 12 providers and their usability on Apple’s iOS-Devices as well as their PC-Client-Versions.

Summary of the main test criteria:

1 iOS-Client-Software available

  • to display popular file formats like PDF, TXT, XLSX, DOCX, iWork-Format
  • to manage files and folders
  • to get links for sharing files

2 PC-Client-Software available

  • to permanently sync local folders on Mac/PC with cloud folders

3 Encrypted transfer of data between local device and cloud storage

  • to prevent the necessity of special apps for encryption like BoxCryptor for Dropbox

4 Amount of free space

  • should not be less than 5 GB

5 WebDAV-Support

  • to set up an additional connection via administrative tools like
    USB Drive, GoodReader, ReaddleDocs, …
  • to assign shares to a drive letter on a PC and work with this ressources within any application

Best ratings for…

Cloud Free Req Prominent (Deficits)
SugarSync 7 GB fulfilled iOS-Client no WebDAV
Wuala 5 GB fulfilled Security share only for folders
iDrive 5 GB fulfilled Simplicity sync only for one folder
Dropbox 2 GB fulfilled Simplicity sync only for one folder

Except iDrive no provider supports WebDAV. That must be no disadvantage, because the PC-Clients support convenient syncing with local folders and most of the iOS-Tools (like USB Disk or …) support direct access to the storage of these well-known providers.

Best rating in the category ‘Free Space’ goes to German Telekom Mediacenter with 25 GB.
Best rating in the category ‘Backup’ goes to Apple’s iCloud.

Thanks for dropping by.