Costs of Cloud-Storages

Using a Cloud-Storage increases productivity. Files can be accessed from anywhere, anytime with any platform. If you want to use a Cloud-Storage with an iOS-Device the provider should offer a powerful client, which allows Sharing (e.g. send Link via E-Mail) Open in (another app of your device) Pages, Keynote, Numbers, ... WebDAV-Support for access via … Continue reading Costs of Cloud-Storages

A jazzed up checklist

If you use Apple's app 'Numbers' (the easy but still powerful equivalent to Microsoft Excel) you can use a predefined template for a checklist. It's very simple, maybe too simple. Here you can see a jazzed up version. You will get a warning, if the deadline falls within a period (entered in days). Just download … Continue reading A jazzed up checklist

Lacks of iWork

There are some lacks in Apple's iWork-Suite. Consider the following situation. It is not possible to store the document directly on a USB-Stick attached to an Apple Airport-Router. That does not go together with Apple's aspiration to ensure highly integrated connectivity. A possible, but not convenient scenario is ... Select the document. Select 'Open in … Continue reading Lacks of iWork