The Critical Mass

21 07 2017

Physicians talk about the Critical Mass as an amount of material (such as plutonium) that is large enough to allow a nuclear reaction to occur.

For business people the Critical Mass is the point at which a growing company becomes self-sustaining and no longer needs additional investment to remain economically viable.

Well, Apple is already a self-sustaining company, right? Or do they still need additional investments by their loyal customers?

A price of $1,200 for an iPhone might cause the above mentioned nuclear reaction and it's not yet clear wether it will increase the fruit company's revenues significantly. It also cannot be excluded that the contrary will happen in markets where Apple is massively under pressure, e.g. China and Europe.

Is it a further step to totally cover the market of mobiles for the rich?

What does the Critical Mass mean for Apple's loyal but not so well funded iPhone fans or for people willing to migrate from their current ecosystem into Apple's?

Lots of questions.
We'll get the answer in fall and when analyzing the following SEC Form 10-Q filings.

Btw, my Critical Mass is less than $1,000.
This should include a wireless charger!


$1,200 for an iPhone?

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20 07 2017

OmG, the world of today is full of abbreviations and emojis.

Just one example:

🚽 WC, the traditional water closet

But talking about this would be off-topic.
So today I’d like to talk about W ireless C harging of eLoot. particularly the smartphone flagships of the two big rivals.

Samsung has it,
Apple will reportedly get it.

And both wouldn’t have it without the groundbreaking publication of “A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field” in 1865, by Scottish J.C. Maxwell. So much for copycats.

How it works …

Induction chargers use an induction coil to create an alternating electromagnetic field, and a second induction coil in the portable device takes energy from the electromagnetic field and converts it back into electric current to charge the battery. The source field must cover the receiving coil which results in a very short range of energy transfer. Device and charger must be in close contact. Over greater distances this method is highly inefficient and wastes the vast majority of the energy.

Greater distances between sender and receiver coils can be achieved when the inductive charging system uses resonant inductive coupling. Think of it like this:

A tuning fork can cause another to vibrate when both are tuned to the same pitch. Using the resonance phenomenon energy transfer can drastically be increased and wouldn’t require a close contact between the charger and your device.

Pros and Cons …

  • You still need a cable to connect your charger to a power outlet.
  • It’s uncomfortable to use the device without taking it off. Charging is immediately stopped.
  • It’s less efficient. Charging time increases.
  • It’s comfortable to just put it on the WC.
  • It saves a cable.
  • It’s more expensive.
  • It’s bigger than a traditional charger.
  • It can charge lots of different devices following the Qi standard (One-For-All).

Finally …

Apple, does your approach to wireless charging of iPhones include something new and exciting? Please don’t give us somewhat like your boring, ugly-designed, and featureless standard charger we get for your Apple .

According to all announcements about your environmental initiatives we expect your Qi charging protocol to be fully compatible with other Qi chargers.

Sources …

All about Wireless Charging

Unboxing the Samsung Fast Charger

Wired or wireless, please stay tuned.
If nothing works dispatch smoke signals.

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Stunning Stump

19 07 2017

I bought this stand some years ago in the Apple Store as an accessory for my iPad and iPhone. As you can see it's still in use and believe me it's completely within Apple's business and design philosophy.


• safe
• simple
• of high durability
• less customizable
• a piece that just works
• nearly without carbon footprint
• open-minded towards competitors
• diversified because it comes in 4 skin colors

But wait

What's there on the image?
A low-budget Lumia 550 and a Surface Pro4?

Hey Thomas, you're off-topic.
Yeah, maybe but it also shows that fans of the fruit company can be open-minded and let their other devices rest on a product purchased in the Apple Store.

But the main reason why my iPhone doesn't rest in its chair and had to take the photo is that the image quality of my Lumia 550 sporting a 5MP camera isn't that good.

Seriously, I strongly recommend this accessory. There are tons of use cases for it.




Smartphone Addiction

17 07 2017

iOS 11, 12, 13, …cannot solve this issue
China already has an estimated 300 internet addiction centres, according to a report on state broadcaster CCTV’s website. It also cited a survey showing there may be more than 24 million young Chinese addicted to the internet.

The city of Chongqing in China has reportedly set up the country’s first sidewalk for ‘mobile phone addicts’, with a lane specifically dedicated to those glued to their screens.

Apple is being sued by a couple whose five-year-old daughter was killed in a car crash. The accident occurred when an SUV crashed into the back of their car at speed. The driver, it is claimed, was using FaceTime.

Are you also a web junkie using a smartphone more than 6 hours a day, go to sleep with your device right beside you, wake up and your very first activity is to glance on the screen?

Well, then it’s time to look for professional help.

This misuse of technology has severe consequences, among which the most prominent symptoms are:

Increased Levels of Stress, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Aggressiveness, Delinquency, Inability to stop the use despite knowing that you will be faced with negative consequences.

Instead of focusing on AR, VR and ML humans should focus more on their own CPU to avoid getting more and more stupid.

Artificial Intelligence?

I don’t wait for iOS 20. I already have an hOS that works quite fine because of many patches over the years. Regarding the important things of life iOS will always be light years behind.


Yeah, regarding my young grandchild.

Related …

iOS 11 Do not disturb while driving

Another disease of our times


Thanks for your attention.

OK Google+

16 07 2017

I use your mobile app for iOS since years on my iPhone and wrote many Feedbacks and Reviews but you didn’t give me what I need as a moderator in a big, a very big community.

So I’m back again with an updated view on the issues hampering to do a great job. We mods do the work in our leisure time. We are not on your payroll although we are working hard for your image.

You don’t want us to mutate into John Doe or A.N. Onymus for our beloved ones, don’t you?

So my request is to support us by adding reasonable features which let us extend our leisure time.

Your members add value, your moderators do it also so now it’s your turn to massively improve your app. I’m waiting for some of my mentioned flaws since years.

To be fair, you gave us some useful features in the 2017 updates but it’s still annoying to not have all features in the app which are available in a browser.

Feel free to download my concept map as a PDF from my BOX account

I’m a mod and I feel sad

Thanks for 💧ping by.


12 07 2017

To survive publishing media need clicks.

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet just because there is a picture with some text next to it or the author is a well-known Apple Guru.

Do don’t get nervous if you eagerly await the X. No doubt whatsoever if anything has to be fixed they’ll manage it.

In contrast to the new US Government and its leader Apple was always well-known for its

Yes, we can.


Feverishly fixing bugs

Thanks for reading.

To the Trump fans:
Just see my statement about the POTUS as fake news.

Holy Lens

10 07 2017

Relatives came to visit us today with this car. You won’t believe it but these cars get car licenses in Thailand. They are far away from any safety requirements or even self-driving cars which are one of the main technological areas where researches and developments are done, not only in the epicenter of car technology (southern Germany) but also in Cupertino. But there is no chance to connect your iPhone via Bluetooth or even get Apple’s CarPlay running for these dinos.

I took this shot with my iPhone 6S Plus.

It shows the performance of Apple’s rear cameras. But there is still room for improving shots with specialized accessories.

More about the way
to replace your digital SLR entirely …

iPhone Camera Accessories

Thanks for reading.

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