The sounds of silence

20 11 2017

Notifications can be annoying.
Situative notifications can stop bugging you.

I’d like to see CATEGORIES for apps that can notify you comparable with different calendars.

How it could be implemented …

  • Define a category eg “Social”.
  • Add Apps to this category eg Google+.
  • Turn notifications for this category on/off.

This would be an acceptable gift for one of the next iOS improvements.


“The Sounds of Silence”, is a song by the American music duo Simon & Garfunkel. The song was written by Paul Simon.

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Upgrading the company

5 11 2017

It’s a long way to become a global player.

It’s no secret that Apple wants a bigger piece of the enterprise market and strategic partnerships help solidify their enterprise position and drive Apple hardware sales inside companies that were traditionally PC shops – and hence more often considered Microsoft territory.

Now Apple is in close partnership with IBM (2014), CISCO (2015), SAP (2016), DELOITTE (2016), and GE (2017).

Tim Cook’s long term strategy is to upgrade Apple from the ‘iPhone company’ to an industrial global player.


In 2014 Apple and IBM announced an exclusive partnership aiming to redefine the way work will get done, address key industry mobility challenges and spark true mobile-led business change. With IBM’s unparalleled industry expertise, businesses can take the first step in empowering their workforce through mobile technology. These apps, exclusively for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, give enterprises a simple way to solve workflow and role-specific challenges, while transforming industries from the ground up.


Chuck Robbins, CEO at CISCO

”I’m thrilled about our new partnership we announced today with Apple. We are coming together to optimize Cisco networks for iOS devices and apps, integrating iPhones with Cisco environments and providing unique collaboration capabilities on iPhones and iPads. Together, we will enable mobile apps and experiences that deliver the quality and experience we need while meeting enterprise requirements for management and security.”


Bernd Leukert, member of the Executive Board, SAP SE, Products & Innovation

“As promised, SAP is delivering real-time enterprise software to iOS devices, transforming core work processes for companies of all sizes with powerful native apps built specifically for iPhone and iPad. Customers, partners and SAP can now quickly develop apps that deliver data with the cutting-edge capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform and SAP S/4HANA. The partnership comes at the right time for our customers as more and more companies build their mobile strategies around iOS.”


John Flannery, Chairman and CEO at GE

“The partnership between Apple and GE is providing developers with the tools to make their own powerful industrial IoT apps. Our customers increasingly need to arm their workforces through mobility. Working together, GE and Apple are giving industrial companies access to powerful apps that help them tap into the predictive data and analytics of Predix right on their iPhone or iPad.”


Punit Renjen, CEO at Deloitte Global

“We know that iOS is the best mobile platform for business because we’ve experienced the benefit ourselves with over 100,000 iOS devices in use by Deloitte’s workforce, running 75 custom apps. Our dedicated Apple practice will give global businesses the expertise and resources they need to empower their mobile workforce to take advantage of the powerful ecosystem iOS, iPhone and iPad offer, and help them achieve their ambitions, while driving efficiency and productivity.”

My opinion is highly speculative but I truly believe that this wouldn’t have happened with a company under Steve Jobs.

More …





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Differential Privacy

29 10 2017

iOS keeps you a Mr or Mrs A.N. Onymous.

Apple started collecting browsing data in Safari using its differential privacy technology.


Hey Tim, you told us multiple times that keeping our privacy is key for Apple. We all thought that Apple is pitching itself as the lone defender of user privacy in a sea of data-hungry companies.

Please explain yourself.

OK, there is a colleague who is a bit more tech-savvy than you so let us here what Craig Federighi has to tell us:

“Differential privacy is a research topic in the area of statistics and data analytics that uses hashing, sub-sampling and noise injection to enable this kind of crowdsourced learning while keeping the information of each individual user completely private.”

Differential privacy isn’t an Apple invention; academics have studied the concept for years. But with the rollout of iOS 10, Apple began using differential privacy to collect and analyze user data from its keyboard, Spotlight, and Notes.

More …

Techcrunch about Differential Privacy

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Specs, Specs, Specs

22 10 2017

and why we should ignore most of them.

Smart phones are not only defined by their specs. When it comes to iPhones and their rivals they most often don’t matter nearly as much as some manufacturers may want you to believe. The problem isn’t limited to the manufacturers. More important are the news spread by tens of thousands of tech bloggers and lots of unbiased online magazines.

Self-appointed experts most often still don’t get it right when they ask “Which … is better?”, show us the specs, tell us that “The winner is …” and ridiculously enough ask “What’s your take? Leave a comment”.

The only way to get an entire picture of devices is to look at hardware and software. It’s an entity. The operating system for example mainly determines the energy consumption of a device. If it’s optimized a battery with less energy may last longer than the one with a better specification. A shining example is iOS 11 in a liaison with an iPhone 8. It lets the 8 (1,821 mAh battery) run 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7 which sports the bigger battery (1,960 mAh battery).

Camera …

Albert Einstein’s saying

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”

is so true for the megapixel discussion.

Cameras with more megapixels usually sacrifice image quality in certain ways. Normally when you pack so many pixels so close together, it creates artifacts called “crosstalk”: inaccurate colors and noise in your images. Apple’s team worked on new techniques to maintain image quality and size despite the extra megapixels, including a technology called deep-trench isolation, which separates photo diodes and helps to maintain accurate, precise colors. The image quality is a matter of optimizing the processing of a large number of information taken by the camera and its sensors.

Processor …

The same situation applies to many other specs, like processors. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a Octa-core (2.3GHz Quad + 1.7GHz Quad), 64 bit, 10nm processor.

Some fanboys say “Wow!

other not tech-savvy users ask *What?*.

(You should hear the rising tone and the keen sound when they ask “What?”.)

Nobody knows what these processor specs mean in every day life when using Google+ or surfing through the Web. Sure, the device is fast but none of the rivals are slow.

And the iPhone 8 has a A11 Bionic …

Whatever. What we know so far is that it crushes the rivals by far but does it help when I read my mails or check my bank account? Definitely not but AR, VR, and ML are coming. A beast may help. But even a beast has to take the existing hardware into account. Optimization is the keyword here as well.

What you don’t find in a spec table …

The build quality, the design, the UX, the ease of use, the timeframe the operating system is maintained, the pros and cons of the environment in which a device runs, the reselling price, the compatibility with devices of other family members, the ability to install company specific apps in the context of BYOD, etc.

Summary …

At the end of the day there is a purchase decision if you don’t want to go back to using smoke signals. It’s a complicated matter and it’s always up to you. All big manufacturers make good devices so forget the spec sheets and think about your priorities.

One more thing …

Steve Jobs made this belief of Alan Kay to one of the core principles of Apple:

“People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.”

It helps to boost the user experience.

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The slow infiltration

19 10 2017

Developing high-quality apps
for the Android and iOS platform

Microsoft is no upstart in the mobile space. It produced versions of its software for mobile devices for more than 20 years – starting with Windows CE for personal digital assistants in 1996, and later with Windows Mobile in 2000.

But the ecosystem has struggled since the launch of Apple’s iOS in 2007 and Google’s Android operating system in 2008. According to the most recent sales figures from Kantar Worldpanel, Windows phones account for just 1.3 percent of the market in the US (Android’s 64 % and iOS 34 %) – worldwide Microsoft’s market share is far less than 1%. Not motivating for developers.

Some days ago Joe Belfiore made it official: Windows 10 Mobile is dead.

With Windows 10 Creators Update Fall 2017 Microsoft continues its slow infiltration of the Android and iOS mobile device platform.

The update released on Oct 17, 2017 provides a new feature:

Windows 10 Phone Linking

There’s now a dedicated “Phone” area in the Settings app that allows you to link your phone with your PC, making it easy to share web pages between your phone and Windows device without missing a beat. No longer do you have to email yourself a link or image when you want to switch devices, just link your phone to your PC and use the dedicated “Continue on PC” function.

On iOS, this is done with a dedicated “Continue on PC,” Microsoft Edge (coming soon) and Cortana apps on your phone.

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Cash Cows

16 10 2017

Levi’s, Burger, iPhone
One hell of a profit margin?

The simple answer is YES.

If you want to calculate the profit margin for an iPhone you have to be a professional and even then, if you aren’t working for Apple in this business area, you’re faced with a lack in lots of relevant details.

What do you need for expense budgeting?

Apple’s SEC filings
Leaked manufacturing costs
Leaked prime costs of components

Most of the two latter data have to be retrieved from Chinese companies. That’s not only difficult to read for us but also to understand what’s included and why it could be reliable information. If you ever lived in an Asian country like me you know that “Think different” applies to businesses.

So you only can calculate an estimated profit per device. These factors (and some more) have to be taken into account:

  1. Taxes
  2. Licensing fees
  3. Production costs
  4. Manufacturing costs
  5. Operating expenses
  6. Wholesale to retail markup
  7. Research & Development costs
  8. Selling, general, administrative costs

#8 is a really heavy calculation and can’t even exactly be done by Apple’s employees. It includes everything from paying the electric bill, shipping and storage, additional costs along the supply chain, Tim Cook’s salary and that of all others, and, and, and.

After doing the math …

Roughly half, or more, of every iPhone sale is profit.

The numbers which lead to this result aren’t air tight. Apple makes far more profit than any other phone manufacturer, but 50 percent isn’t unheard-of for a highly successful company which also brings a lot of jobs directly and indirectly bound to the product.

The Gross Profit Margin (= (Sales – Cost of Goods Sold)/Sales) tells us the profit a company makes on its cost of sales, or cost of goods sold. In other words, it indicates how efficiently management uses labor and supplies in the production process.

Here are the GPMs of some companies playing in the same league as Apple:

  • Nike 43 %
  • Porsche 50 % (btw the only automaker)
  • Levi’s Jeans 52 %
  • Burger King 56 %
  • McDonald’s 40 %

Tesla, the company of Elon Musk (known for his failure to file for insolvency in due time) makes 17 % and is within the a range of 10-20 % typical for US industries (Source Sageworks).

We’re overpaying for more than just iPhones these days.

So if you complain about Apple
be consequent and stop eating burgers.

Oh, I forgot. That caps it all. Wireless carriers make as much as 10,000 % profit with the rates they charge for SMS plans.

Enjoy your burger
while texting with your iPhone
via your provider’s cellular equipment.
Take care when riding your Porsche back home.

Source digitaltrends

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Apple’s FILES app

12 10 2017

another premature delivery
ridiculous, half-baked, and bug-ridden

Apple’s new app FILES came with iOS 11. It shows that some developers should better look for other jobs.

• Create a folder within FILES using a BOX. You aren’t able to delete it. Try to create a folder on your Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox account. It’s not possible. Try to create a link to share a file or folder. It’s not possible. Try to move a file from eg Google Drive to OneDrive. It’s not possible. Try to rename a file on Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, or any other cloud storage. It’s not possible. Try to create different WebDAV connections. It’s not possible.

• FILES give users abso-fucking-lutely ridiculous connections between apps and files.

Look at my example. The file band_5.js appears under “Files“ in the Notification Center. It represents a part of encrypted information created by the password manager 1Password. Tapping on this entry opens the encrypted file with Apple’s iWork app PAGES. Insanely.

Dear Apple developers.

Is this your first approach to Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning?

For me who developed applications for more than 30 years I can only say …

That’s enough to make me puke.

Please don’t try to connect objects which shouldn’t be connected. Just give us a powerful classic file manager. If you aren’t able to do this easy task we already came with Windows decades ago try to acquire Stratospheric, the company which developed an awesome app called FileBrowser. They are light years ahead of your embryonic FILES app.


Hey, Tim Cook, are you sure about your employees responsible for iOS development? I see a huge gap between your potential of developing finished software and your cash reserve. So much money but still an embryonic file management (and the sheer impossibility to release a flawlessly performing iOS update).


I know what the reason for this system behavior is but I also know that not everything should be done what’s possible.

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