In some way forget Apple’s Calendar. There are way too less options for alerts. 2 hours before a flight is ready for takeoff? Google did a much better job with a perfect combination of options. Thanks for dropping by.

Prayer Mill

A mantra-like stream of iPhone rumors hits us every year. It already starts in January, 8 months before we see a more or less boring Keynote entertained, sorry managed, by TC. The real news on these Keynotes isn’t the new iPhone but the exact adoption rate of iOS compared to Android with at least one … Continue reading Prayer Mill

We are all severely affected!

For the poor it’s even life-threatening. This year it’s terribly hot in Thailand. Even during the night we have approximately 36°. I know the country very well since 40 years and it became my residence in 2016. I’m sure it’s not just because of a range of fluctuation of the temperature. It’s because of the … Continue reading We are all severely affected!