Apple is great on privacy but …

17 09 2018

the most obvious thing missing here is simply this:

You hate Apple’s built-in Contacts app so you go to the App Store and download a 3rd-party replacement. It will ask you for permission to access your contacts – which means the contacts database in which Apple’s built-in app governs data – and boom, all your information is there and ready to use. For what?

Do you know what happens if you grant access to your your contacts, your current location, your mails, etc?

Do you know what happens if you like to revoke access to your Contacts app?

The simple answer is

you can’t know it because the answer is in the developer’s code you don’t have access to.

To ask for the user’s permission before accessing personal information is a step in the right direction. And some of the information these apps are collecting are necessary for them to work properly. But once an app has permission to collect that information, it can share your data with anyone the app’s developer wants to.

This is expressed in the Third-Party Doctrine, a legal theory that holds that people who voluntarily give information to third parties – such as banks, phone companies, internet service providers, developers of apps, e-mail servers, etc – have “no reasonable expectation of privacy.

More …

iMore: Privacy and Developers

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Evening in Malcesine

14 09 2018

Making holidays in Europe with my son, a paragliding nerd, instead of watching the Apple event. This is definitely much more amazing.

The same people using the same phrases about the improved iPhone models every year. Phil Schiller: “It’s amazing. This is the best iPhone we’ve ever made.” Yeah Phil, great news and the company would make a fool of itself if the XS wouldn’t be an improvement.


The iPhone Xs Max is an equivalent to a three week holiday at this beautiful location in Italy. Photos taken with the latest iPhone iterations are only marginal better than those taken with my 6s Plus. Furthermore, in many cases the imagination standing behind a photo counts much more than the quality.

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11 09 2018

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook:

Some people see innovation as change, but we have never really seen it like that. It’s making things better.

Jun 29, 2007 (1st Generation)
”This is only the beginning.”
“Apple reinvents the phone.”

3.5” $499 4GB 1,400mAh 2MP 163ppi
Estimated material costs: $370

3G . 3GS . 4 . 4s . 5 . 5s . 6/6+ . 6s/6s+ . 7/7+ . 8/8+

Nov 3, 2017 (X)
“Say hello to the future.”

5.8” $999 64GB 2,716mAh 12MP 458ppi
Estimated material costs: $231

What’s the next step?
Just wait until September 12.

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