OK, Google. That’s it.


That's it for me and all others. G+ will be shut down on April 2, 2019. Goodbye Google+. Welcome on MeWe. “With the discovery of a new bug, we have decided to expedite the shut-down of all Google+ APIs; this will occur within the next 90 days. In addition, we have also decided to accelerate … Continue reading OK, Google. That’s it.

The App Store

The App Store and the kind bugs not living in tropical countries but in your iThing. Without apps, your smartphone turns into a device converting sound, typically and most efficiently the human voice, into electronic signals suitable for transmission over long distances. Just an innovation of the well-known Smoke Signal technique. That’s it. Apps drastically … Continue reading The App Store

Subscription vs One-Time-Payment

Apple wants developers to build up a subscription model for the usage of their apps. How much do they think a normal customer will spend on subscriptions each month? There's already a plan with your provider and TCO for your iThings (e.g. Apple Care, battery replacement, screen repair, asset cost for a successor, etc). How … Continue reading Subscription vs One-Time-Payment

S. Jobs and F. Porsche

It’s not about quantity. It’s about quality. Steve Jobs was into Porsche. Folklore tells how Steve wanted the first Mac to look like the Porsche 928 he was driving. There is also the legend of how Steve gave examples of his favourite Porsche Design watch away, to those he thought could recognize good design when … Continue reading S. Jobs and F. Porsche