the blogger Thomas

last name UNTERSTENHOEFER (sorry for that unpronounceable string).

  • born 1951 in Wuppertal, Germany
  • now living and working in Leverkusen, Germany
  • studied physics and mathematics at the universities of Hannover and Cologne
  • worked as a teacher for physics, mathematics and informatics at Bluecher-High School, Cologne
  • founded the software company GEWIDOR GmbH in 1979 developing software based on Microsoft Access, Excel, and Word mainly for auditors
  • bought his first Apple-Device in 2010, an iPhone 3GS and then …the Apple-Virus began its inspirational work. Using Apple’s mobile devices can be an exciting journey if you look a bit more on the details of their technology as well as the company’s history and the people standing behind, particularly Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, and Sir Jonathan Ive.

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Mind mapping …

I am also an active member at Biggerplate.com, one of the largest mind map libraries in the world, founded by Liam Hughes, UK.

BIGGERPLATE.com (The mind map library)

Goto Search and enter ‘iNotes4You‘ to locate my mind maps and beyond.

About the language …

20121214-222550.jpg Why my blogs are written in English …
well, I just want to refresh my knowledge of this language
20121214-223628.jpg Comments and E-Mails may also be written in German
20121214-223431.jpg My second residence is Thailand.
But I am sorry for not writing in Thai. It takes me 2 hours to look up the right words for one line and additional 4 hours to write them down.


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Reliable for the content of the website http://iNotes4You.com (on WordPress.com)
(Pflicht zur Anbieterkennzeichnung gem § 5 TMG sowie § 55 RStV)


This website does not pursue any commercial purposes.

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